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domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

The comparation about these two cities.

These are Comparation between two great cities, the caracas city and Maracaibo city. 
it is interesting..


Caracas is the capital of my country, in this city the cars abound, the malls are pretty and there is many population.
The climate is this city is delicious (17 degrees), the people here are very nice

It is a not very expensive city, but if very insecure , here also there is many pollution and populations.


This city is beautiful, has an immense lake and a very nice bridge,In this city the trade abounds, the people here are very special, the food is delicious and the hot climate is very agreeable.

In this city the population is great, also the pollution abounds but it is mas beautiful and calm that caracas.


What places are near of your House?? and Three Directions...!!

I live in residencias pozo viejo, here I leave my direction
 I hope to guide you if you ever want to come over.


What do you need

We need clothes!

We are Sambil looking for clothes for the  party:

carla: genesis, what do we need for the party?
genesis: well, I think we have to start buying the garment, where you believe that it is more inexpensive?
carla: i dont know,  i need shoes and jewelry!.
faby: I want buy  a new purse and a nice dress.
carla:i think we need  go to the sambil!.
genesis: ok come on, lets start the shopping day! 

comments.... it about we need! 

Poem for my father...


Creative, special, loving and polite.
father of carla, carla, carla and carlos.
He likes to play beisbol, to share with his family
 and he loves his work
wants to see his graduated children
 and to feel proud

This is about my dad and of The great thing that I love, comments...

Travie McCoy: Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars

this video it's so cool... i love it bruno(L), he in  this  song talk about money and 
In this song he talk about the money and the happiness that it causes in the life.

Oh every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
A different city every night oh
I  swear the world better prepare
for when I’m a billionaire

Price tag- Jessie J

this video is very interesting because it's about 
the people and his money.

 This is a small part of the song that was speaking for me, all will understand the message.... good luck

 It's not about the money, money, money
  We don't need your money, money, money
  We just wanna make the world dance,
  Forget about the Price Tag.